Miami-Dade County high school students in need receive free prom dresses

MCPS hands out 3,000 dresses thanks to nonprofits, donations


MIAMI – Prom is one of the biggest events of the year for high schoolers, so many girls want to go. But, it's expensive. 

That's why the boutique at Lindsey Hopkins Technical College is meant to give girls a chance to go to an event they otherwise couldn't afford. 

Teenage girls were feeling extra special Friday as they found the perfect dress to dazzle at their high school prom.

"I wanted black, so I was looking for black. So this right here took my eye," Miami Jackson Senior High School student Dasia Riley said. 

Riley is one of several students who took a field trip Friday from their high school to the prom boutique on Northwest 20th Street in Miami.

Miami-Dade County Public Schools is giving out 3,000 free prom dresses -- mostly brand-new -- to those with a financial need.

"I would say the gowns average (from) $150 and up. And when you're looking at shoes, you're looking at a ticket of at least $50. And with makeup and jewelry, again, another $50," Diana Venturini, with MCPS, said. 

The dresses are a financial burden the girls thankfully don't have to bear.

All the dresses, shoes, jewelry and purses come from nonprofits or were purchased with donations.
They also have free suits and tuxedos.

"I feel grateful," Miami Jackson Senior High School student Estaline Dnoe said. 

Riley said she can just imagine her classmates' reaction when she walks into prom looking fabulous.

"Everybody's going to look at me -- just stare at me," Riley said. 

The prom boutique has dresses of all different colors and sizes from 0 to 26.

The event goes through June.