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Despite cancer and financial struggles, mother and son graduate college together

Mother pushed him to stay in school, eventually she joined him

SUNRISE – A South Florida woman and her son have overcome many hurdles in life, including cancer and homelessness, but they celebrated a great accomplishment this week as they both graduated from Broward College.

Graduates were all smiles as they received their diplomas and crossed the stage Tuesday at the BB&T Center in Sunrise.

Each graduate was a success story, but some, like the Kenneth McCray and Patricia Love Davis, also had a story of struggle.

McCray, who earned a computer science degree, has shared his struggle and now his success with his mother, Patricia Love Davis. With an associate's degree in criminal justice, she also received a diploma Tuesday.

"It is an accomplishment to show everyone what I can do, but I wanted to show myself what I can do," Davis said.

Fourteen years ago, Davis was a working mother supporting her son when she was diagnosed with leukemia. With her son 11 years old, she was unable to work. They couldn't afford a home to live in.

"The cancer part was the easy part. Survival was a real struggle. It's still a struggle," Davis said.

McCray had to stop going to school for some time as his mother's health declined. When he went back, it wasn't easy.

"Around the time that we hit hard times, I had to be the man of the house. I ended up working," McCray said. "I have basically been in school for five years. I wanted to give up, but my mom kept pushing me."

Davis' health improved, and she enrolled in school, too.

"It's exciting. I even got to share a class with him, math class," Davis said.

Local 10 News's Neki Mohan asked Davis: "Did you get a better grade?"

"Actually, yes," she said.