Retiring Miami-Dade teacher leaves last day of school in helicopter

Gloria Williams has been teaching young minds since 1978


MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – One South Florida teacher got a very special ride into retirement Thursday, as her husband went above and beyond to make sure her last day as a teacher is one she will never forget.

"It is a special day because I have been serving Dade County schools for 40 years," Gloria Williams said. 

Williams has been teaching children since 1978.

"God told me I could leave in 2018, in 40 years, and it is time. And he told me to take my flight. That is why the helicopter is coming to pick me up," she said.

On her last day of school, friends, family, co-workers and students went to a park next to Ethel F. Beckford/Richmond Primary Learning Center to see a retirement ride like no other.

"I always see helicopters when we drive," Williams' student, Nova, 5, said.

Stewart Ortiz said Williams was not only his kindergarten teacher, but his daughters' teacher, too.

"Some people come to work just to come to work, but (she) gave her time and dedication to the kids," Ortiz said. "She is passionate -- very passionate."

Like a billionaire or a Fortune 500 CEO, Williams' helicopter arrived to take her home. Her husband Arthur was about to whisk her away into retirement, but not before we had one last chance to ask her what her teaching secret to success was.

"I taught them one thing -- good, better, best. Don't never rest until good gets better and better get best," Williams said. 

And so, an elementary school teacher gets her due -- a woman who taught young minds to soar and to aim high made a fitting exit from her service as an educator. 

Congratulation, Mrs. Williams. We know you will always fly high!