Tamarac principal reassigned amid investigation into school's finances

Former clerk says Cheryl Cendan was basically running side business at school

TAMARAC, Fla. – A longtime principal in Tamarac was suddenly moved from her position after learning that she was being investigated by the Broward County School Board.

"We stared to realize there were quite a few discrepancies within the school as far as finances," former Millennium 6-12 clerk Katherine Mastrianni said. 

It was a laundry list of red flags that prompted Mastrianni to formally reach out to Broward County School Board members.

"There were several businesses, whether they were regulated to charity or not, I do not know, but they were questionable," Mastrianni said. 

She said she wasn't sure, so she asked school officials to investigate alleged "financial irregularities" at the school. 

In her letter, Mastrianni basically accused the principal, Cheryl Cendan, of running a side business and involving her friends and family members.

"The booster club had no parental involvement to my knowledge. It was headed by Dr. Cendan's mother," Mastrianni said. 

The former school clerk recalled several fundraisers, lots of cash, a concession stand set up and said the principal even charged students $15 to have a "free day" during early release days at the school.

The list goes on, so Mastrianni said she questioned where the money was going and suddenly the principal was reassigned.

Mastrianni said she quit her job because it became a hostile workplace and she didn't feel safe.

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