Kanye West, Tony Robbins visit Pitbull's charter school

Amid expansion, celebrities visit Little Havana


MIAMI – Kanye West and Tony Robbins surprised students from Pitbull's Sports Leadership and Management "SLAM" Academy on Wednesday near the Miami Marlins' baseball stadium in Miami's Little Havana.

During the surprise visit, Pitbull's partner, Fernando Zulueta, introduced the celebrity entrepreneurs to administrators, teachers and students.

Robbins said Zulueta is "really at the cutting edge of how to really provide education that transforms people's lives."

Zulueta didn't explain the motive of West's visit to the school at 542 NW 12 Ave. Pitbull and Zulueta have plans to expand, so there was speculation about a collaboration with West. 

"Money can buy happiness. It can, only if you you give it away," Zulueta told West during the tour. "And that's how you do it. You give happiness to someone else by helping people who you can help with your money."

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