Gulliver Academy scare comes before active shooter training

Chief: Social media posts viewed as threat will be investigated


CORAL GABLES, Fla. – It was a rifle. It just wasn't real. A Gulliver Academy student's social media post prompted an intense Coral Gables Police Department investigation ahead of Wednesday's scheduled active shooter training. 

During the investigation, the department assigned additional patrol units at the student's school, Gulliver Academy's Marian C. Krutulis Campus, on Tuesday. Chief Edward Hudak said the Monday afternoon post wasn't a real threat, but there was a lesson to be learned. 

"Students, parents and guardians are reminded that social media posts that could be viewed as a threat will be investigated by law enforcement to its fullest," Hudak said. 

Officer Kelly Denham, a spokesperson for the department, said officers questioned the student and secured the weapon, which turned out to be an airsoft rifle, which uses spherical projectiles made out of plastic or metal and not bullets as feared. 

The student's home was "inspected to ensure any weapons that could be at the residence are securely stored, which they were," Denham said. 

Denham said it was a "coincidence" that the scare happened ahead of a Wednesday scheduled active shooter training with Gulliver Academy staff. 


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