Pitbull helps SLAM Academy seniors celebrate college acceptance offers

133 students to graduate from SLAM this year

MIAMI – Mr. 305's SLAM Academy charter school is flexing its largest graduating class yet of 133 students.

Almost all of them will soon be off to college, and Pitbull showed up Wednesday to help them celebrate their college acceptance offers.

"Throughout the years here at SLAM, they've treated us like their kids. We're part of the family and it's come to now," graduating senior Ivonne Rey said.

"The students are making history in doing what they're doing, going to college," Principal Rey Breto said.

Students celebrated their college-bound futures in a big way with nationally recognized college signing day, amid cheers and chants as they announced where they'll soon be heading. 

While many students will be attending institutions locally in Miami, others have committed across the state of Florida and as far as Texas and Idaho.

"What are your plans now?" Local 10 News reporter Saira Anwer asked one senior.

"Go to college, play baseball and hopefully get signed professionally," Bryan Pazos said. 

It was also an emotional day for students who have known SLAM as their second home. 

"To think that in a couple days we won't be coming daily, it kind of like -- it's an impact," Rey said.

"It's a privilege to be here," Pazos said. "SLAM represents the students really well and I'm glad in a small part that I can represent them as well."

The class of 2019 is SLAM’s largest graduating class to date with a total of 133 students.

Some of SLAM's students' accolades include two Carnival scholarship recipients, 11 Bright Futures scholarship recipients, 14 athletic offers and numerous university grants. 

The class of 2019 boasts a 94 percent college acceptance rate, along with 3 percent committing to serve in the armed forces.


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