Boy, 4, reads 100 books in one day

Proud parents Facebook Live stream son's reading goal

By Andrea Torres - Digital Reporter/Producer, Laurie Jennings - Anchor

CHICAGO - Caleb Green loves to read, so he decided he was going to read 100 books in one day. After every 10 books, he was going to celebrate with a dance.

His parents streamed his feat on Facebook Live. Caleb's father, Sylus Green, said at first he had a gut reaction to talk him down, but Caleb persisted and taught his dad an important lesson.  

"I learned to just dream bigger and I am going to set unrealistic goals for myself this coming year," the proud father told Chicago's ABC affiliate 7 Eyewitness News. "And I'm going to be inspired by Caleb to not quit on him and just push through it."




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