Top ten must-have apps to get you through 2014-15 school year

10 must-have apps to help the student excel

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Education and technology are now more than ever intertwined.  Here are your top ten must-have iPhone apps to help get you through the 2014-15 school year:

1. Flashcards+ 

Memorization just got a little easier with this miracle app.  Ditch the paper note cards and study without the hassle of writing by hand.  Flashcards+ is a fast and easy way to create your own study deck, or access millions of existing flashcards previously made by other students.  The app can also talk in dozens of languages if you want to hear your cards read to you aloud. (Price: FREE)

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2. Graphing Calculator 

Somewhere between those pricey Texas Instruments calculators and the one built in on your iPhone lies the Graphing Calculator app produced by Appcylon LLC.  Plot and trace multiple equations on the same graph, graph inequalities, and then zoom to get a closer look.  With this app, Calculus may even become the class you look forward to. (Price: $1.99) 

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3. MyHomework Student Planner  

Gone are the days when you would leave your planner at school and then panic, not remembering the assigned homework from the school day.  My Homework presents a planner that travels with you everywhere you go (as long as you have your iPhone, that is).  The app allows you to track your classes, homework, tests and assignments.  You can even schedule for the app to send you homework reminders.  "I forgot" is no longer an excuse for missed homework assignments; now, the standard "my dog ate my homework" may even work better. (Price: FREE) 

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Your favorite Internet definition debunker is on the iPhone, with over 2,000,000 definitions, synonyms and antonyms.  The dictionary doubles as a thesaurus and even works offline, meaning that no Internet connection is needed with searching for words.  Talk about a savior when your teacher won't tell you the Wi-Fi password!  The app also creates new content daily, including a Word of the Day, and can demonstrate audio pronunciations.  (Price: FREE) 

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5. School Fuel  

Teachers, connect with students anywhere at any time.  School Fuel is a Mobile Learning Platform that allows students and teachers to connect with each other in the classroom and on the go.  The app provides resource libraries based on subject areas, grade level, Common Core Standards and mobile OS type.  It has never been easier for students and teachers to communicate outside school boundaries. (Price: FREE) 

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6. myLanguage Translator 

No longer will the embarrassment surge in language class when you have to ask "What does that mean?" over and over again.  With myLanguage Translator, you can translate 59 different languages and even utilize text to speech capabilities.  The app uses community supported translations by native speakers, so you won't be stumbled with jumbled sentences.  From Afrikaans to Yiddish, myLanguage Translator has you covered.  (Price: FREE or PRO for $4.99) 

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7. Pages 

Create reports, documents, resumes and more in just minutes using Pages.  You can get a head start with one of over 60 Apple-designed templates, or simply use a blank document and add your own text and images.  With iCloud built in, your documents seamlessly sync across all registered devices, be it your iPhone, iPad or computer.  Talk about convenient! You can also import Microsoft Word and plain text files from your computer onto the app. (Price: $9.99) 

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8. CourseSmart 

Shrink that 20-pound backpack using CourseSmart and leave those textbooks at home!  Meant to supplement a subscription to one or more CourseSmart eTextbooks, this app allows you to access your eTextbooks for quick reference on your iPhone.  Stream the text using an Internet connection, or checkout your eTextbooks for offline usage.  You can even add, edit and view your notes and highlights as you study without the burden of textbooks weighing you down.  (Price: FREE) 

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9. Wikipanion 

Shhhh!  Keep this one a secret and definitely don't tell your teacher about it.  It may be a sacrilege to use Wikipedia in school, but it is still a quick and easy way to look up information when time is scarce.  Access all Wikipedia has to offer on an iPhone-friendly interface while the app keeps track of your history to assist in future web searches.  But be smart and careful when deciphering which information is true and which is just a bunch of gibberish.  (Price: FREE) 

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10. PBS Parents Play & Learn 

A great back-to-school app designed specifically for parents, PBS Parents Play & Learn provides access to more than a dozen games parents can play with their kids, each with a theme based on a familiar location (think at the grocery store, at home and in the kitchen).  The app includes both English and Spanish and the games encourage activities that connect math and literacy skills to everyday experiences.  So parents, pick up your iPhone and sit down with your kids to play some educational games.  Who knows?  You may even learn something yourself! (Price: FREE) 

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