Woman says elementary school has failed to help special needs grandson

Connie Stinson says there is often no aide to help grandson at Miramar school

By Neki Mohan - Anchor/Reporter

MIRAMAR, Fla. - Like any third-grader, Olando Eduoard has homework, likes video games and is a budding musician.

"I have electric drums, two keyboards and an electric guitar," Olando told Local 10 News.

Olando has come a long way from his diagnosis at birth. He was born with a rare genetic disorder that left his intestines outside his body.

After several surgeries, he now wears a colostomy bag, and he needs an aide or nurse to help him change it at school. 

But too often his grandmother gets a call asking her to come to his school because there is no one there to help Olando. 

Connie Stinson said officials at Fairway Elementary School, in Miramar, called her over a dozen times this year to come help him, and she hasn't been able to work.

"The bag is coming loose," she said. "And he is embarrassed and the kids are looking at him."

Stinson said since he has a documented disability, the school is required to provide someone to help him.

She said she's even available for hire.

"He wants to learn and he wants to do (things), but his activities are limited by the situation," Stinson said. 

Because of his condition, this is the second elementary school Olando has attended. 

His parents hope future surgeries will allow him to have somewhat of a normal childhood.

Olando would like to play football and practice karate, but he knows his limits. He said children sometimes tease him when he has accidents.

It's something his family wishes he didn't have to worry about.

"It looks like he is falling behind (and) society is not there for him," Stinson said. 

Broward County Public Schools spokeswoman Tracy Clark released a statement to Local 10 news saying, "Broward County Public Schools is committed to ensuring all students receive the support necessary for them to be successful in their education.

"Issues or concerns regarding support services for students are taken seriously and immediately addressed. School leadership continues to work with staff to re-enforce proper procedures and protocols, and ensure effective communication and training is provided to the appropriate staff.

"School leadership and district staff work families to resolve any issues and ensure they are maintaining open communication with those involved."

Clark would not comment specifically on Olando, citing privacy laws. 

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