New Trove app makes it easy to find, share news

Trove brings you best stories picked by people who share your interests


Too many choices on the Internet? Trove, a new social news platform has launched Wednesday, promises to bring you the best stories picked by people who share your interests.

"I love knowing what's going on around me: from tech news to politics to sci-fi gossip, but the Internet is overflowing with news -- I need help sorting out the signal from the noise," said Rob Malda, chief strategist and head of product at Trove. "I would love to sit down with a newspaper, but not everything in the paper is interesting to me. And when I scan or browse Facebook or Twitter, there's too much other information mixed in -- pictures of kids losing teeth and commentary about sports I don't care about. That stuff is great, but it just isn't my news."

DOWNLOAD: Trove for your iPhone or iPad, or visit Trove.com.


With Trove, readers can follow topics, or "troves," and instantly get news about things they care about. For example, if you wanted to read about "Star Wars," "Technology" and "The Who," the app makes sure that you see the best articles that you need to know about.

"Trove streams in news from 15,000 sources, making it easy to follow lots of topics," said Malda.

At launch, the company has a group of curators already picking some stories in their troves:

For more information on these curators and others, check out Trove's featured curators.

The Trove team, formerly Washington Post Labs, is now the digital innovation arm of Graham Holdings. If Trove sounds familiar, that's because Trove was a mobile and web app launched in 2010. With this week's launch, the company said it combined parts of the original Trove app and WaPo Labs' Social Reader app to create a new social news reading experience.

"You can do a better job picking the one or two stories that are important than a computer can," Vijay Ravindran, the chief digital officer of Graham Holdings and chief executive of Trove, told the New York Times. "The goal of Trove is connecting people who have an interest in topics with the best people who are curating that topic."

You can get started by downloading Trove on your iPhone or iPad, or by visiting Trove.com.