'Bachelor' Juan Pablo picks Nikki, no proposal

Clare walks out with strong words for Juan Pablo in St. Lucia


LOS ANGELES – Could Juan Pablo Galavis be the most hated man in Bachelor history?  Could be after the shocking season finale and After The Final Rose Monday night.

The rocky road to romance for the Venezuelan former soccer player came to a head when he chose Nikki, a pediactric nurse from Missouri, over Clare, a hairstylist from California after their final dates in St. Lucia.

Things didn't look too good for Clare following that final date.  We saw her in tears in her hotel room after something Galavis had told her when the cameras weren't rolling. He apparently alluded to their private time together during their fantasy suite date that shocked her.

"Every single woman deserves to be treated with respect. I'm not an object. Maybe I have him all wrong. Maybe he's not the man I thought he was. I'm so confused right now," Clare said.

Galavis manages to zig zag direct questions about how he feels about Clare, but she still decides to trust enough that he loves her and sticks it out.

Nikki's final date with Galavis went much better.  His family appeared to like and accept both girls.

But in the end, Galavis decided to let Clare go.  And when he went in for the apologetic hug at the final rose ceremony, Clare stopped him in his tracks.

"I saved this moment for the man of my dreams. I thought that was you. I thought I knew what kind of man you were. ... I've lost respect for you," Clare said.  

And as Clare storms off, Galavis says, "Whew!  I'm glad I didn't pick her!"

Enter Nikki, who gives a nice speech about loving Galavis who then replies, "I have a ring in my pocket, but I"m not 100% sure that I want to propose to you. But I'm 100% sure I don't want to let you go. I like you a lot."

I like you a lot?

That's apparently enough for Nikki after just four months.  She desperately tried to explain that to host Chris Harrison and a very unaccepting crowd who attended the live taping of After The Final Rose.

Galavis himself was also on the defensive.  He would not answer questions about whether or not he was in love or if he had real plans to marry Nikki in the future.

"I'm not going to answer that question. People don't understand that this is real life. ... We're very happy We're done with the show. We are so done. We are happy we had the opportunity. ... It's been tough. You have been boxing with me. It hasn't been easy. ... What I'm feeling with Nikki is fantastic," Galavis said.

Other firsts from Monday night's shows, Clare refused to confront Galavis about what went wrong because she didn't want to "get fed anymore b.s."

And we also learn that Andi, who bowed out of the race for the final rose a few weeks back, is indeed the next Bachelorette.