Local 10 crew shows steely nerve in icy conditions

Glenna Milberg, photographer called 'Dynamic Duo' of New Hampshire

MANCHESTER, N.H. – One Local 10 news crew proved that covering political primaries isn't as easy as it seems.

In a Facebook video that has been sweeping the nation, uh, newsroom, Glenna Milberg and her photographer proved that determination and a steady gait can carry you a long way in the Granite State.

Milberg and photographer Bob Palumbo, two lifelong South Floridians, have been braving blizzard-like conditions while covering Tuesday's New Hampshire primaries.

And while the duo is adept at dealing with blowhard politicians, they seemed less sure of themselves on the icy, windswept sidewalks of Manchester.

In the surprisingly non-mocking video taken by a journalistic colleague from Chicago, Milberg and Palumbo are seen semi-gracefully traversing a 20-foot patch of sidewalk as slippery as a campaign promise.

Milberg said the harrowing journey through the frozen tundra brought up memories of her youth.

"I loved ice skating as a kid, who knew I'd be able to do it on the sidewalk," Milberg told the reporter who was assigned the task of writing a web story about the epic adventure.  "At least I remained upright!"

Palumbo, ever the gentleman, holds Milberg's arm as the two practically skate through town.  A move that will surely look good on the veteran videojournalist's year-end evaluation.

While the crew will leave wintry New Hampshire after the last ballot is counted, they say they will fondly remember their chilly, yet almost disastrous, foray into winter.  But both admit the warmer forecast of South Carolina is calling them as they prepare for that state's primary on Feb. 20.