Did a Georgia crash just give away a 'Walking Dead' spoiler?

WARNING: Article contains spoilers of season 6 finale


PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. – A photo revealing a possible spoiler to ‘The Walking Dead’ has surfaced.

On Thursday, Steven Yeun and Norman Reedus, who play Glenn and Daryl rin the series, helped out the victims of a car crash in Peachtree City. According to the fan site, The Spoiling Dead Fans, the two were riding their motorcycles to set when they bumped into the crash. The site posted the story on its Facebook fan page.

But now we'll get to the spoiler portion. We'll give you fair warning, if you haven't seen the end of season six you should stop reading now.

The AMC show films in Georgia and is currently filming its seventh season. The sixth season ended with the brand new villain in the show, Negan killing a character, but the victim hasn’t been revealed.

Fans have been guessing who was killed off since the finale aired by looking for hints in the final scene, and even slowing down audio to see if a name could be heard through the characters’ screams.

But the sighting of Yeun and Reedus could mean Glenn and Daryl survived Negan’s bat Lucille!

Time will tell. The show’s seventh season premieres on Oct. 11th.