Rolling With DVBBS on Miami Beach

Brothers Chris Chronicles and Alex Andre are touring behind their new EP, "Beautiful Disaster"!
Brothers Chris Chronicles and Alex Andre are touring behind their new EP, "Beautiful Disaster"!

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Canadian EDM duo DVBBS brought their "Beautiful Disaster" tour to LIV on Miami Beach on Thursday, February 9th. 

Chris Chronicles and Alex Andre are brothers who have been making music together since they were just young boys.  Throughout this article, you'll find EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS with the guys after their live performance at LIV!

During a post-show interview, Chris recalled using cookie containers to create his own drums as a kid; before they graduated to actual instruments.

They formed DVBBS in 2012 and quickly shot to the top of the EDM world; performing alongside artists like Tiesto, NERVO, Steve Aoki, Martin Garrix and Sander Van Doorn.

They have vivid memories of their first big show in Montreal.

The brothers got their start in bands, playing everything from punk to reggae to jazz.  Alex says they consider themselves students of every musical genre; which allows them to work with all kinds of different artists. 

Chris and Andre are fans of nearly every type of music.  Some of the influences they mention range from Bad Brains to Blink-182, even the Offspring! (Anyone remember "Pretty Fly for a White Guy"?)  Even when they're on tour, they're the first ones onstage and the last ones to leave it; constantly studying what the other acts are doing.

DVBBS isn't just about making their own music.  They are branching out and producing music and beats for other artists, like rapper Juicy J.

Since DVBBS has blown up, they DJ around the world; performing in 65 countries over the span of 3 years!  When they're touring the world, they get to enjoy some cool perks, like playing a pick-up soccer game with some friends in a huge stadium in South America after a show!

The brothers love coming to Miami because of the beautiful weather and good vibes.  Of course, the Magic City is also host to some of the biggest EDM festivals in the world; Ultra and Winter Music Conference!  Alex explained why WMC is so essential to the dance music scene.

Besides producing music for other artists, DVBBS is also expanding their sound; pushing the boundaries of EDM into the future.

Finally, as our time together drew to an end, I asked Alex and Chris about what led them from playing in bands to becoming DJs and making electronic dance music.  They shared with me the experience that showed them the path they would take.

With their "Beautiful Disaster" EP now out and more new music with 2 Chainz, Cody Simpson, NERVO and others on the way, the future is bright for the brothers of DVBBS.  Make sure to catch their set the next time they're in South Florida!


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