Shakira signs violin for Venezuelan protester

Cuban Pichy Boys help Colombian star show solidarity with Venezuelan


MIAMI – Two Cuban comedians from Miami, known as the Pichy Boys, are sending a violin autographed by Colombian pop-star Shakira to a Venezuelan protester.  

Maike Rodriguez and Alejandro Gonzalez, who are cousins, were moved by a video of Wuilly Moises Arteaga who was in tears after Venezuelan authorities damaged his violin in Caracas. The musician told an NTN24 reporter that he had to beg officials to get what was left of it.


Arteada has become a symbol of the protesters who are braving tear gas canisters, water cannons, shootings and other attacks, while standing up against the socialist rulers' militarized national police. Univision reported a Venezuelan doctor gave him a violin too.  

The violin Arteada will get from Miami will be special thanks to Shakira, who visited the Pichy Boys' radio studio for their La Gozadera show in Spanish. She wrote: "Fuerza Willy!" Spanish for "Stay Strong Willy!" 

Arteaga started to play the violin in the streets after Armando Canizales Carrillo, 18, who played the viola for a youth symphony, died while protesting earlier this month in Baruta. 

Venezuelans around the nation have been protesting against President Nicolas Maduro since March. Shakira was in Miami for a Friday night performance in Miami's Wynwood neighborhood.

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