Everything Zen at the Fillmore Miami Beach with Bush

Sat., Mar. 24

Gavin Rossdale played all the hits for Bush fans!
Gavin Rossdale played all the hits for Bush fans! (Photo by: Brian Doughty)

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Everything Zen at the Gleason on Saturday night when Gavin Rossdale and Bush pulled into town for a rare live rock event during Winter Music Week.  With Ultra taking over downtown Miami, the Fillmore show was just as packed; parking on the beach was even more of an effort on a Saturday night than it usually is.

Bobby Lee Rodgers opened the show, but it was the headliners who brought the general admission crowd to a frenetic swell.  Bush ripped right into the hits with the opener; a fiery "Everything Zen"!  "The Chemicals Between Us" was the third song, as Rossdale surveyed the surging crowd and often would wade into the front row!

Rossdale hasn't lost a beat since his late 90s heyday, his playing and voice are as strong as ever.  His stage presence is just as strong-he bounds all over the place during a typical set.  His current lineup of lead guitarist Chris Traynor, bassist Corey Britz and drummer Robin Goodridge have a tight sound and Bush's hits sound as aggressive as they did way back when.

It looks like younger audiences are discovering Bush; judging from many in the crowd on Saturday night.  They got to hear some vintage hits along with newer cuts like "This Is War" from their latest album, "Black and White Rainbows".  A great night for live rock on Miami Beach! 

Here is the setlist for the show:

1.   Everything Zen

2,   Prize Fighter

3.   The Chemicals Between Us

4.   Nurse

5.   Greedy Fly

6.   This Is War

7.   People That We Love

8.   Swallowed

9.   The Gift

10.  Little Things


11.  Machinehead

12.  The One I Love

13.  Glycerine

14.  Comedown



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