Chrissy Teigen wins the internet with another awkward-face awards show meme

All hail the queen of memes!

Take note, awards show producers -- always cut to Chrissy Teigen when things get awkward because she'll always come through with the best reaction shot. Case in point, last night's Emmy Awards. 

Colin Jost and Michael Che, of "Saturday Night Live," opened Monday night's show with some solid jokes but eventually teetered off into some not-so-funny jokes that had the audience cringing more than laughing. Luckily for viewers at home, the camera shot to celebrities awkwardly laughing along with us, and nobody does an awkward reaction better than Chrissy Teigen. 

In response to one joke, the camera caught Teigen shrinking into her seat and giving a face that perfectly reads "this is so awkward, please help me" while her recent EGOT-winning husband, John Legend, smiles on. 

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And in that moment, we became Chrissy Teigen and Chrissy Teigen became us. 

Obviously, everyone on Twitter immediately started talking about Teigen's awkward face, with some praising her as the first Emmy winner of the night and others refering to her as a "mood." 


Teigen also re-confirmed on the red carpet before the show that we, as a society, have been pronouncing her last name wrong this entire time. Teigen tweeted about it on Sunday.

The best part of Teigen's reaction is this isn't the first time the queen of memes showed her emotions during an awards show. Anyone else remember the 2015 Golden Globes ceremony? 


Never change, Chrissy Teigen, never change. 

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