Beautiful video in the neighborhood: You might need a tissue for this 'Mister Rogers' tribute

Google Doodle commemorates 51st anniversary with touching video


It’s hard to believe that 51 years ago Friday marked the start of Fred Rogers' "beautiful days in the neighborhood."

To celebrate the anniversary of the first episode of "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood," Google Doodle on Friday released a touching animated video celebrating the iconic children's program. 

A Google Doodle is a special, temporary alteration of the logo on Google homepages that commemorates holidays, events, achievements, and people.

The video depicts Rogers riding a trolley, uplifting a sad boy by making him a paper crane, and of course, singing his famous song "Won't you be my neighbor" to children all around town. 

At the end of the video, as was usually the case during the show, it shows Rogers telling children that they made it a special day just by being themselves and that people can like them just as they are.

Check out the Google Doodle tribute to "Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood" below and grab some tissues just in case. You might need them.

For more behind-the-scenes information on the production of the Google Doodle, click here

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