7-year-old kid made $22 million for reviewing toys


MIAMI – Remember when playing with your toys was fun because you were actually playing with toys? Who knew you could have made millions just by having fun?

A 7-year-old kid made $22 million this year by simply playing with his toys and reviewing them on YouTube.

That's it.

Ryan of RyanToysreview was YouTube's highest paid star, according to Forbes.

In his videos, Ryan opens up new toys or other products made for children and plays with them while the camera is rolling. By his expressions and actions, other kids know whether the toys are a hit or not.

Ryan makes his millions due to pre-roll ads that companies pay to run in front of the ultra-popular videos. He also has his own Walmart toy and apparel collection and has signed a deal with an entertainment studio.

If we all only knew then what we know now, we'd probably all be a lot richer.