Two contestants on 'The Bachelor' wore the same dress in the season premiere

Talk about a fashion faux-pas

The premiere of the highly anticipated season of "The Bachelor" with virgin bachelor Colton Underwood debuted Monday night, and boy, did it have everything: fake accents, references to Underwood's virginity and one shocking surprise that has never been seen in "Bachelor" history: Two contestants showed up to the first-night cocktail party in the same dress. 

Heather, whose profession is listed as "Never Been Kissed" (OK, Drew Barrymore), showed up in the exact same dress as Laura the accountant. We don't know where this dress came from, but Heather and Laura could not get enough of it. 


“Do we have the same dress? We totally have the same dress. Love it. Looks so good on you,” Heather told Laura. 

“I love it. I love it, I love it!”  Laura responded cheerfully. 

We have a feeling Laura in fact didn't love it, especially since she didn't get a rose in the first episode and Heather did. 

To add even more fuel to the fire, another contestant, Erika, said during a talking head interview that she almost bought the same dress online, but added, "Good thing I didn’t.” Sick burn, Erika. 


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