Person driving blindfolded crashes while playing the 'Bird Box Challenge'

LAYTON, Utah – The end of the world must be close thanks to the Netflix hit "Bird Box."

Not for whatever sinister being/object/force is behind the planet's troubles in the movie, but for the dunces who partake in a challenge associated with the film.

A teenager thought it would be fun to play the "Bird Box Challenge" while driving blindfolded through a town in Utah. Yes, driving. A car.

The 17-year-old girl pulled a beanie over her eyes and kept driving, according to KATV.

Shockingly, the teen crashed into another vehicle because it's not easy to drive when you cannot see. The Layton Police Department reported no injuries were associated with the crash.

The "Bird Box Challenge" is when whose who play attempt to perform normal tasks while blindfolded, as some of the characters must do in the movie.

As for the teen, she now faces reckless driving charges.