'Knight Rider' reboot? The Hoff hints at yes

KITT and Michael Knight reunion? Yes, please

David Hasselhoff sits in his KITT car from the series 'Knight Rider' in Hannover, Germany. (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images) (Getty Images)

Attention, lovers of all things '80s: The Hoff has put a bug in our ear that a reboot of "Knight Rider" could be in the works.

David Hasselhoff told Mirror Online he was on his recent honeymoon when the talk of a reboot came up.

“This guy said to me, ‘You know why ‘Knight Rider’ is so popular?’ I said, ‘Why?’ He told me, ‘You put your morals into ‘Knight Rider’ and into ‘Baywatch,’ that’s why they are so popular,’” Hasselhoff told Mirror Online. “I thought, ‘Yes, that’s true!’”

This isn’t the first time a reboot has been considered.

Hasselhoff said there was talk about eight or nine years ago.

“But they wanted to do it without me,” Hasselhoff said, adding that he pitched numerous ideas. “I said I didn’t even have to be the lead. I didn’t even need to be in it that much. I could cameo or something, but they didn’t listen.”

So the reboot went off the table, but Hasselhoff has given us hope that the wait is over.

When asked if the world would see Michael Knight and KITT again, he said, “I’m not supposed to say anything, but stay tuned. The Knight Rider will ride again!”

So even though it’s still unclear when or where “Knight Rider” may ride again, there seems to be some serious hope here.

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