lovelytheband Breaks the Culture Room!

Thurs., May 30

lovelytheband rocking another hit!
lovelytheband rocking another hit! (Photo by: Brian Doughty)

L.A.-based indie pop group lovelytheband headlined a hot night of live rock at the Culture Room in Fort Lauderdale on Thursday, May 30th!

Brother-sister duo The Haunt kicked off the show, led by 15-year-old Anastasia Grace and her older brother Maxamillion on vocals, guitar and piano!

Brooklyn-based indie pop trio Modern Whale really got the packed house jumping with their high-energy set! Bandleader, multi-instrumentalist and lead singer Robbie Guariglia took a second at the end of their set (which was the end of the tour!) to take a picture of the rapturous crowd!  The group's new song "Banners" hit Spotify the next day!

Next New Dialogue took the intimate stage, immediately getting fans jumping with frenetic hits like "Fake Smile" and "Neon Ocean"!

The Culture Room is HANDS DOWN one of the best place to see LIVE MUSIC in South Florida!  The size and intimacy of the room GUARANTEE you will get to see and hear everything!   Additionally, a high definition camera is trained on the stage AND sent to every TV in the place-so you never miss a note, even when you're getting another drink or stepping out onto the patio for some fresh air!

A word of appreciation for the sound engineer is in order.   It must take a lot of work to keep all of those microphones and instruments from feeding back; all jammed up together on that tiny stage!  The live sound is exceptional!

The crowd on Thursday was ready to have fun; singing and dancing along to favorites like Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" and Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" while waiting for the headliners, lovelytheband!

Lead singer and guitarist Mitchy Collins, lead guitarist Jordan Greenwald and drummer Sam Price each seemed to have their own cheering section that would break out in screams whenever they would take a solo!   lovelytheband had their fans jamming to their hits like "These Are My Friends" and "Broken"!

Every one of these bands puts on an incredible live show and ALL are worth watching, as they become bigger and bigger stars!



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