Local Natives Rock Revolution Live

Wed., Sept. 18

Taylor concentrates on his guitar work.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Revolution Live was rocking Wednesday night when indie rock heroes Local Natives pulled into town!  The crowd was loud and ready for some danceable guitar-based new wave rock and roll!  They picked the right show!

Devon Gilfillian opened the concert with some dazzling guitar work and soaring vocals.  His energetic opening set got fans moving in early and they were rewarded with a note-perfect rendition of TLC's 1994 monster hit, "Waterfalls"!

After a quick set change, Local Natives burst onto the stage with "Vogue"!  By the 2nd song, lead singer and guitarist Taylor Rice had jumped off the stage and climbed over the railing to crowd surf, much to fans' delight, as he was supported by a moving bed of hands while others held cell phones; capturing every second!

Local Natives kept the intensity and energy going throughout their frenetic set!  NOT a band to be missed!

Here is the set list:

1.    Vogue

2.    Sun Hands

3.    You & I

4.    Ceilings

5.    ISYCYE

6.    Coins

7.    Megaton

8.    Heavy Feet

9.    Past Lives

10.   FOY

11.   Cafe

12.   Airplanes

13.   Wide Eyes

14.   Garden

15.   Dark Days

16.   WAIGLY


17.   Shy

18.   Colombia

19.   WKWC



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