Love selfies? Make plans to visit the Museum of Illusions in Miami Beach

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – As if South Florida needed more places to take the perfect selfie, along comes a museum practically dedicated to the symbol of self-absorption.

Behold, the Museum of Illusions: A veritable cornucopia of backgrounds to light up your Instagram account and guaranteed (that’s a lie) to rocket your likes.

The museum, which actually encourages flash photography, is scheduled to open in Miami Beach on Dec. 20 at a location at 536 Lincoln Road.

After stops in locations around the world, including New York and San Francisco, it’s South Florida’s turn in the smartphone lens.

“We offer visitors of all ages a one of a kind experience that challenges perception and let’s imagination soar with mind-blowing optical illusions.” the museum’s website reads.

Backgrounds at the museum include ones that make you appear to be falling off a ledge or into the vortex. How about having a burger and soda with the Statue of Liberty or fly like an angel? It’s all possible at the Museum of Illusions.

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