Wynwood’s new venue ‘The Oasis’ set to become Miami’s newest culinary, retail, and nightlife destination

The Oasis in Wynwood will feature six food stalls, live music, bars, retail space, and more. (Carma Connected, Courtesy of The Oasis/Carma Connected)

WYNWOOD, Fla. – Restaurants, bars, art, live music, and shopping are five key characteristics that draw thousands of people to Wynwood every single day — but what if a single space were to combine all five qualities into a single experience? That’s what you’ll get at The Oasis, Wynwood’s newest cultural hub, opening May 8.

The sprawling, 35,000 square-foot outdoor courtyard will feature six premier restaurant vendors (ranging from New York’s very own Prince Street Pizza and Alidoro to Miami’s Buya and Mr. Mandolin), a “Tower Bar,” a stage for live performances, a fitness studio, cafe, and even a bar called Huacachina, which is an indoor/outdoor cocktail lounge and nightclub inspired by the largest oasis in the world, Huacachina in Peru.

While some of the biggest acts in music being lined up to play at The Oasis can’t be confirmed (yet), Local 10 can confirm an artist who goes by the name “Nicky Jam” is already a major headlining act slated to play in the fall of 2021.

New York's famous Prince Street Pizza is coming to The Oasis in Wynwood. (Courtesy of The Oasis/Carma Connected)

So, how did this cultural mecca come about? The Oasis is the brainchild of Sven Vogtland and Alan Drummond of 305 Concepts LLC., who are co-founders of Wynwood’s 1-800-Lucky and Coyo Taco. They, along with the property developers David Weitz and Erik Rutter of Carpe Real Estate Partners, are the masterminds behind the space.

“The owners of The Oasis, David and Eric, they are the landowners of the property, and they approached Alan and me to help create and operate something there,” explains Vogtland. “We all together came up with a great concept. It’s sort of like 1-800-Lucky, but it’s six different food stalls and a beautiful large courtyard, an amazing stage, and a small bar-lounge-nightclub in the back of the space.”

According to Vogtland, entering The Oasis will have twists at every corner, as it’s not just a retail space or a food hall — it’s all of that and more. The Oasis worked with the architects, landscape architects, and interior designers of Urban Robot Associates, a multi-disciplinary creative studio, to design the space.

“First, you walk through retail components — we have a beautiful restaurant and coffee shop from New York, we have a yoga studio, and we have a clothing retailer that we’re about to lock in at the end of that walkthrough,” explains Vogtland. “Then, you walk into the large courtyard, and you see a large tower bar. Then, you see the six food stalls, and a big stage for live shows, concerts, and events. So, essentially, you’re eating, hanging around, and having a great time.”

The courtyard at The Oasis will feature six premier food stalls, two bars, a world-class stage for performances, and more. (Courtesy of The Oasis/Carma Connected)

As they plan for The Oasis to be the new cultural epicenter of Miami, the Tower Bar was created to be a unique Wynwood landmark that they hope will be recognizable to locals and tourists alike. “The Tower Bar is this large tower that we wanted to put there as a beacon of Wynwood,” says Vogtland. “So, when you land at Miami International Airport, or when you’re in any of the buildings or towers around, you’ll see this large container tower as kind of a landmark in the neighborhood.”

Although Miami Beach and South Beach have become synonymous with entertainment for tourists in Miami, as Wynwood transforms every year, Vogtland and his partners truly believe Wynwood will be the next cultural hub for local residents.

“We set out to truly create an oasis in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Miami,” say Rutter and Weitz, developers of the venue. “We believe that The Oasis is going to be the new cultural epicenter of not only Wynwood, but also of Miami and South Florida.”

“I see Wynwood as really a place for locals,” explains Vogtland. “You know, South Beach can be so transient at times. I just opened a hotel over there, the Moxy Hotel, and I have six restaurants there. Although South Beach is having a resurgence, I really think Wynwood is for locals and for Miamians.”

The courtyard and Tower Bar at The Oasis in Wynwood. (Courtesy of The Oasis/Carma Connected)

As for the performance space in the courtyard, visitors can expect local bands to world-class musicians. However, the stage won’t just be booked by musical artists — expect standup comedy acts, poetry, public speakers, and more, as well.

“There’s a void in Miami for a venue and stage of our size,” explains Vogtland. “So, we’re going after some really cool stuff. Amazing comedians, large performing artists. If you name it, we’re definitely going after it. Everything from Earth, Wind, and Fire to Hall and Oates. to newer stuff to rock bands to hip hop, reggaeton, and world-class DJs.”

“Comedy, guest speakers, guest poets. Food fairs and festivals, markets, and so forth. Health and wellness, such as fitness classes. We have a lot of exciting things we plan on doing,” says Vogtland.

While The Oasis will be unlike any other space currently in Wynwood, Vogtland and his partners believe it won’t draw away attention from the local businesses in the area, including the ones they themselves have helped create. They hope the courtyard will be a welcomed addition to the neighborhood and will only draw attention to the local businesses that make up the unique community.

“This will help the neighborhood and help Wynwood,” says Vogtland. “It’s just going to bring more people to the neighborhood. It can be a destination at night where you go to a ticketed concert, or, it can be a place where you just pop in to grab a slice and listen to awesome music in the background.”

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