These athletes should win gold medals in creating hilarious Olympic TikToks

A general view of the Olympic Village ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games on July 21, 2021 in Tokyo, Japan. (Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images) (ALEXANDER HASSENSTEIN, 2021 Getty Images)

World-class athletes from all over the globe are in Tokyo to win medals, but they’re also there to give us behind-the-scenes peeks at the Olympics, in viral TikTok videos.

It all started when there was rumors going around that the beds in the Olympic Village, which are made of sustainable cardboard, were not sturdy enough to sleep on.

There were also rumors floating around that it was done intentionally -- so that the athletes wouldn’t engage in sexual activity on the beds.

Tons of athletes took to TikTok to show that the beds were, in fact, sturdy.

They jumped all over the beds, showing off that they wouldn’t break.

Another relatable TikTok that went viral was from U.S. diver Tyler Downs.

Downs saw gymnast Simone Biles out in the Olympic Village and obviously freaked out, just like anyone would. His TikTok is hilarious, to say the least.


heyy girl we are teammates 🤣

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Downs also disproved the bed rumors by doing flips on his cardboard bed frame.


Reply to @kaysebugg For everyone wondering 🤗 @olympics #teamusa #olympics #tokyo2020 #teamusatryout #tokyo

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Fencer Courtney Hurley has been making fun of the fact that she is an Olympian, but absolutely hates running.

Her TikToks throughout the Games have been gold, no pun intended.


I'd like to blame the pandemic but I was always a really bad runner #olympics #olympian #tokyoolympics #teamusa #foryoupage #fyp

♬ Nobody - Mitski

USA Rugby player Ilona Maher has been making so many TikToks while at the Village, and they’re somehow all hilarious.

Just look at this silly one she posted recently.

USA Rugby players have really been turning out the content, including men’s player Cody Melphy. He has been giving behind-the-scenes tours of the Olympic Village and the stadiums they play in.

If you haven’t seen all this content on TikTok, we highly suggest following the hashtags #Olympics and #Tokyo2020, so you can see what all the other athletes from around the world are doing for the next couple of weeks.

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