Quiz: Can you guess where these Disney princesses are from?

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Walt Disney World Resort marks its anniversary in 2016 in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. (Handout, 2016 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved/Photo by David Roark/Disneyland Resort via Getty Images)

It’s one thing to have a favorite Disney flick or love a specific character.

But knowing where your favorite characters originated takes your love of Disney “to infinity and beyond,” as Buzz might say.

We want to know how well you know your Disney royalty -- and if you can ace our quiz.

Disney royalty has been around since the 1930s, when Walt Disney stunned the world with his animated feature “Snow White.”

Now, we have about 12 royal figures to pick between, as our favorite.

Enough of the chit-chat. Let’s get down to business.


Well, how’d you do? Share your results and be sure to share this quiz with your friends and see how well they do.

Do you want to know where other Disney movies took place? Check out this interactive map we found online made by Caitlin Dewey. Of course, this map isn’t based on definitive facts – some of these locations are educated guesses.

Either way, the map is still fun to play with.