Gogol Bordello Rocks for Ukraine at Revolution Live

Concert held on Monday, May 16

Gogol Bordello performs live at Revolution Live on Monday, May 16. (Brian Doughty, WPLG)

Fort Lauderdale, FLA. – Immigrant punk rock filled the air at Revolution Live in Fort Lauderdale on Monday, May 16, as Gogol Bordello brought their “Solidaritine” tour to town!

Lead singer Eugene Hutz doubles up on guitars! (WPLG)

The band, which features members from Ukraine, lit up the stage in the blue and yellow colors of the war-torn country, along with a flag draped over one of the stage monitors.

There was a sizable crowd on hand, despite it being so early in the week.

Eugene Hutz leans over the crowd as the band churns out the music! (WPLG)

Gogol Bordello is famed for their relentless live energy and fans were immediately pogoing to favorites like “I Would Never Wanna Be Young Again” and “Not A Crime!”

Amigo the Devil opened the show.

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