Chelsea Handler coming to Hard Rock Live!

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – Grammy-nominated comedian and best selling author Chelsea Handler is coming to South Florida this weekend.

She is bringing her comedy tour to Hard Rock Live in Hollywood, and we already know she won’t be holding back.

Handler couldn’t do standup in the pandemic, so she took her comedic skills to social media.

And now she’s ready to return to the stage.

“It’s something that I take responsibility in as a comedian. Bringing people together, making them forget about politics, the world, the war, all of the nasty stuff that we’ve kind of been through as a country. It’s a time to forget about that,” she said.

In 2020, Handler released her first stand-up special in over six years, on HBO Max.

“People say life is too short, I say it’s too long,” she joked.

Handler is one of the most celebrated voices in entertainment and pop culture, who had a seven-year run as host of Chelsey Lately.

At that time, she was the only female late night talk show host on air, and she most recently hosted Jimmy Kimmel Live.

“Do you think you’ll ever come back to late night?” Local 10 entertainment reporter Alexis Frazier asked.

“We are discussing that very topic as we speak,” she said. “I’ve been in discussions for a few weeks about it. So we’re seeing if that’s a real reality or if we can figure a place to do a reboot of Chelsea later.”

This weekend though, Handler is talking about something we all can relate to -- living through a pandemic, and her experience, which was quite unique.

“My house was invaded during COVID by my family,” she said. “My own family invaded my house. My sister and her three adult children. So that’s where I start off. About how much I was enjoying the pleasure of my own company during quarantine and that was robbed from me by my own family member, and in order to get them out, I had to put my house on the market.”

“Wow. So you are like, ‘I want to get back to quarantine time when it was just me?’” Frazier asked.

“I was getting to know myself,” Handler responded. “I was like, ‘Woah! I’m fun! This is a good time.’”

And if you want to have a good time with her, you can catch Chelsea Handler live this Sunday at the Hard Rock Live.

Click here for ticket information.

About the Author:

Alexis Frazier joined the Local 10 family in April 2020. The Fort Lauderdale native came to WPLG from the ABC affiliate in Columbia, S.C., WOLO-TV. She's glad to be back in South Florida.