Colorado shooting won't keep S. Fla. families away

By Christina Vazquez - Reporter
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The shooting at a Colorado movie theater Friday morning didn't spook families showing up to see the new Batman movie at Davie's Cinemark Paradise 24.

What happened is Colorado was so tragically unique that they felt it is unlikely it would happen again.

One boy, Jacob, told Local 10's Christina Vazquez the shooting was especially shocking, given that it happened in a movie theater, a place where families go and "crime shouldn't be happening".  He's not afraid of going to the movies, he said, just sad for what happened.

Brian Miller is a grandfather of two who said while the shooting won't keep him from going to the movies, he does worry about the impact it will have on the quality of life of future generations.

He believes his young grandkids won't have the same freedom he enjoyed.

They already can't ride their bikes by themselves anymore, now he wonders if metal detectors outside theaters will be in their future.

We checked with the Davie Police Department who told us Cinemark already had a few off-duty officers in place tonight for crowd control.

The department has not received requests to enhance security due to the shooting, however the Department did  instruct its officers to increase patrols around theaters.

Local 10 called AMC Entertainment, Regal Entertainment and Cinemark to find out what, if any, new security measures may be put in place at theaters across South Florida due to the events in Colorado.

We were also curious if theaters will ban people from showing up in costume.

So far, we have not received a call back from any of the theater chains.


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