Gilles Marini prepares for Bollywood dance

Marini competes on 'Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars'

MIAMI - Actor Gilles Marini, who is competing on "Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars," traveled to Miami to learn some new moves.

Gilles and Peta, his dance partner, are gearing up for the season, which has already had some surprises, including when Helio Castroneves was eliminated on Tuesday.

"I never thought they would been taken out this early," said Peta.

Marini and Peta's new dance is inspired by Bollywood.

"I don't know what I'm doing either. I'm trying to help him. He is trying to help me," said Peta.

"Usually, she looks at me, she like puts me in kind of frame, she's like, 'Yeah, we got this. I'm going to make this happen.' Now she's like and we hear crickets," said Marini.

The duo received some tips from a choreographer based in South Florida on Bollywood.

"She's helping me with all the intricate hand movements," said Peta.

"Do you think it's getting harder and harder every week?" asked Local 10's Johanna Gomez.

"Mentally. I would say mentally," said Gilles.

Marini and Peta's competition picked out their dance this upcoming week.

"Probably didn't know what Bollywood was. It's an incredible, fun dance that -- if we do this well, steal the show," said Marini.

But the couple isn't looking for perfect 10's. Instead, they just want to make it past one more elimination.

"I have a 6 year old that -- she wants that little thing," said Marini, referring to the Mirrorball trophy.

Marini and Peta have a little something extra -- besides their chemistry on the dance floor -- to help them get ahead.

"We're going to not wear a lot," said Marini.

For his fans, Marini said

"I would love to tell all the fans that -- whether they are in Florida or all around America -- what they have been doing to us is incredible," said Marini. "So, it's already thank you for what you've done and voting and if you want us in the final, just keep doing what you do because it's working and I love you."

"We want you to have fun so please vote for us. We're trying our very best," said Peta.

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