'Improv Yourself' helps with stage fright, public speaking

MIAMI - Have you ever had to give a presentation, or a speech, and felt speechless?

"Lots of sweating, your brain is doing one thing but your mouth is doing something entirely different," said Kamalah Fletcher, who admits to having terrible stage fright.

However, instead of trying to avoid the unavoidable, she and her classmates are taking public speaking to the next level. They're learning how to improvise. 

Carey Kane is the class instructor. She says improv is not so much about being funny, but more about letting loose and communicating.

"You learn a set of skills and they build upon one another," she said.

"It allows me to work on what I call the quick thinking mechanism in your brain," said improv student Marcus Braswell.

He and his classmates are all working professionals with serious day jobs. Braswell is an attorney.

"My boss, Bob Sugarman said, 'you know those classes are really good for you.'"

In fact, the entire class says improv has improved their careers a lot.

"It helps me not be afraid of the unknown," said Fletcher.

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