Los Pichy Boys gaining views on YouTube

Miami duo creates funny videos

MIAMI, Fla. - Two guys with a video camera, sounds like the beginning of a joke.

But it's not ... it's the start of Los Pichy Boys, a Miami duo making funny videos and quickly turning into a YouTube sensation.

Cuban born cousins Alejandro Gonzalez and Maikel Rodriguez started making funny home videos four years ago and putting them on YouTube.

"It got like 65,000 views and people were asking for more," said Gonzalez.

The boys did give their fans more, poking fun at movies, music videos, and events happening in South Florida.

Their videos now have over two million hits.

"I mean it feels great. We feel very humble for the support the community have given us. We don't have words to thank them," said Gonzalez.

Gonzalez and Rodriguez are finding ways to turn a hobby into a business.

Turning catchy phrases from their videos into t-shirt sales. "For example a shirt is called, Yo se que estoy muy rico. It means that I am sexy and I know it, but in Cuban, Spanish Cuban," said Gonzalez.

The comedy duo edit videos in a spare bedroom at Gonzalez' home, and use friends for the parts they don't play themselves.

It's no surprise Gonzalez would like to direct a major motion picture, having Rodriguez as leading man.

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