Mickey Hart Band Rocks Revolution Live!

Wednesday, Oct. 17

By Brian Doughty - Producer
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Mickey keeps up the Grateful Dead stage tradition of extremely cool lighting

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - Deadheads young and old packed Revolution Live in Fort Lauderdale on Wednesday, October 17th for a great show from Mickey Hart Band!

The former drummer for the Grateful Dead brought his solo band into town for a concert that had the energy of his former band, combined with a "dance" element created by 3 drummers and a DJ!

Mickey Hart Band is made up of: Crystal Monee Hall on vocals and guitar, multi-instrumentalist and singer Joe Bagale, guitarist Gawain Mathews, bassist Dave Schools from Widespread Panic!, drummer Ian "Inkx" Herman, talking drum master Sikiru Adepoju and DJ/instrumentalist Ben Yonas.

The crowd was a mix of older fans from Hart's Grateful Dead days as well as plenty of younger fans who couldn't possibly have been around for the Dead's final days. Founder and lead guitarist Jerry Garcia died on August 9th, 1995; effectively ending the band until the surviving members began reforming into various groups a few years later.

Fair disclosure: I am a Deadhead and was pleasantly surprised to find how Mickey Hart has encompassed the music of the Dead, along with his own unique brand of drumming and world music. If you've ever been to see the Dead, you know "Drums" and "Space" usually made up the middle part of every 2nd set. With the Mickey Hart Band, you get a little dose of "Drums" with every song; as the band finds a certain part of the groove and locks in on it, letting the beat just keep going and going and going!

This tendency to stretch out every song into a drums dance breakdown works well. Everyone in the audience was whooping and cheering along to the changes in the tempo and beat! In fact, this new hybrid of the Dead and dance music seems to be gathering new fans! My wife absolutely CANNOT STAND the Grateful Dead; but she told me she enjoyed EVERY SONG she heard at this show! If that isn't a ringing endorsement, I don't know what is!

The Mickey Hart Band: Good enough to convert Grateful Dead haters!

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