On Instagram, Justin Bieber compares reaction to legal troubles to that of Michael Jackson's

King of Pop's attitude toward legal troubles inspires Justin Bieber

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On Friday afternoon, Justin Bieber shared a picture on Instagram comparing himself to Michael Jackson.

MIAMI - What do Justin Bieber and Michael Jackson have in common? Well, Bieber seems to think their reaction to their legal troubles may be similar.

Bieber used an Instagram post Friday to make his first statement on Thursday's Miami Beach arrest. After leaving jail, the 19-year-old pop star jumped on top of a black Cadillac Escalade to wave at his fans. The image went viral on the web.

"I love you," some fans waiting for him outside of Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center in Northwest Miami-Dade shouted. "Bielieber for ever," a fan holding up a sign outside of his hotel in Miami Beach said.

And so his obsessive fans follow him. He has about 13 million followers on Instagram and about 49 million followers on Twitter.

For his Instagram post, Bieber placed two photos side-by-side. On the left, he placed one of himself waving at fans outside of the jail Thursday.  And on the right, he placed one of Jackson taken May 1, 2004 outside of a court in Santa Monica after he pleaded not guilty to child molestation. The King of Pop too climbed on a car and raised his right arm to show a sign of victory to his fans.

Jackson was originally charged with seven counts of lewd or lascivious conduct involving a child under 14 and two counts of administering wine to a child under 14. He also faced allegations of child abduction, false imprisonment and extortion. In 2006, he was found not guilty.

The King of Pop died June 25, 2009.

For the Instagram post's caption the  Canadian pop star was inspired on Jay Z's The Black Album: "What more can they say." And he added a King's Crown icon to the end of the text.

Jay Z's song chorus: "What more can i say? What more can i do? I give this all to you I know this much is true," Jay Z's song lyrics say. "My Life. Look at my life. See what I see. You already know what I'm about."

In two hours, about 478,000 Instagram users liked his post. And there was a debate on social media about the meaning of it.

"He is not comparing himself," Instagram user DrewsClassic posted. "Michael is his inspiration and idol."

Bieber has been dealing with an over pour of media attention, after his arrest in Miami Beach for allegedly drag racing, while under the influence of pharmaceutical drugs, marijuana and alcohol --- and without a valid driver's license.

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