Poland plans to auction Marilyn Monroe photos

Photographs taken by late celebrity photographer Milton H. Greene

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WARSAW, Poland - Poland plans to auction off part of a photographic collection that includes hundreds of photographs of Marilyn Monroe.

The photographs were taken by the late celebrity photographer Milton H. Greene. Some are well-known images, but Polish officials say they believe the collection might contain some previously unpublished works.

The photos ended up in Poland's possession as the result of a complex embezzlement scandal that shook the country in the early 1990s. A Chicago man accused by of cheating Poland of millions of dollars gave the collection to Poland in the 1990s in partial repayment for the government's loss.

A photo gallery curator, Anna Wolska, showed the images to The Associated Press on Friday as she prepares an exhibition of them to run August 6 to September 7 in Warsaw.

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