Top 10 Apps to help keep New Year resolutions

Why not use your phone to help you stay on track?

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If you have big aspirations for 2012, we've found the Top 10 free apps to keep you on track with those new year's resolutions.

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10. The Coupons App: With everyone clipping coupons these days.. why not lose the scissors and use your phone? This app has coupons, links, and is full of tips and tricks.

9. Instagram: Want to do a better job keeping track of your memories? Instagram is a free photo sharing app that lets you share pictures with friends or on your social network.

8. Calorie Counter by Fat Secret: This app will help you count calories, and even has a barcode scanner, so you can scan items right from your pantry as you are making dinner.

7. What Color is Your Parachute?: Based on the popular book for job seekers, this app is full of tips on ways to nail a job interview.

6. Evernote: This app will help you get organized, by putting all your notes, web clips, and recordings in one place, and syncing to your desktop.

5. Trip It: If your goal is to travel more, this app will make your life easier.  It links your flight hotel and even dinner reservations into an itinerary. If your flight changes, you will get an automatic update.

4. My Quit Coach: If you are ready to quit smoking for real this year, this app gives you a personalized quit plan, and offers community support.

3. App: This app lets you track, budget, and manage your cash in one place.  Graphs show where where all your money is going, and helps you set up a spending plan.

2. Body Fitness Free: This exercise journal helps you track your progress and is packed with more that 300 exercises, complete with pictures and instructions.

1. Lose It: Since the most popular resolution is to lose weight, the lose it app takes the top spot.  This app will help you set goals, it counts how many calories you eat each day, offers recipes, and logs your exercise.

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