Family reunites with Plantation dispatcher who helped deliver baby over phone

Omolarra Awujoola gave birth May 20 to baby boy named Yousef

PLANTATION, Fla. – A South Florida couple who recently celebrated the birth of their baby boy reunited with the 911 dispatcher Thursday who helped them deliver their child last month.

The couple said they called 911 about 2 a.m. May 20 when they realized they wouldn't be able to make it to the hospital on time.

"If it's possible, get the phone next to the patient, and have her lie flat on her back on a bed or on the floor," the dispatcher, Marissa Knabb, said.

"Hold on! Hold on! … I can't get on my back!" Omolarra Awujoola screamed.

"She can't lay on her back?" Knabb asked.

"I'm on all fours!" Awujoola said.

The incident happened in the middle of the night at Awujoola's apartment in Plantation.

Her husband was by her side, trying to stay calm as the 911 dispatcher guided him through the delivery.

"Usually the head delivers first," Knabb said. "So as the head begins to deliver, support it gently to prevent the baby from coming out too fast."

"When she pushes, what I see is a little bit of the baby's head," Awujoola's husband said.

"Tell her to keep pushing and the rest of the body will come out in the next few contractions," Knabb said.

"Keep pushing. Keep pushing .. It's out! It's out!" Awujoola's husband said.

"OK. Clean out the baby's mouth and nose with a clean dry cloth," Knabb said.

Knabb, 27, has been with the Plantation Police Department for three years.

"I was a little excited at first but I tried to keep calm," she said.

Knabb finally met the family behind the call nearly two months after she helped them deliver their baby boy, Yousef.

"It's a joy that I can't even explain," Awujoola said. "I knew I wanted to have a natural birth, but I didn't know it would be at home and I didn't know my husband was going to deliver my baby. He actually caught the baby."

Baby Yousef came one week later than his expected due date, but he certainly came fast.

"My back was hurting really bad," Awujoola said.

Awujoola said she is overcome with emotion and thankful that her son is healthy and that Knabb was there to help with the delivery.

"She was absolutely great and I don't what would've happened if she wasn't directing my husband," Awujoola said.