Pompano Beach woman celebrates 106th birthday

Mimi Schwartz proves she's still life of the party at birthday celebration

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. – A Pompano Beach woman turned 106 Wednesday and is still the life of the party.

Mimi Schwartz was the center of attention at her birthday celebration, where her loved ones showered her with balloons, flowers, a cake and her favorite food.

"I love chocolate," Schwartz said. 

Even at 106, Schwartz still has a lot of spunk, humor and charm.

"Am I funny? I thought I was good-looking," she told Local 10 News. "I always like to fool around and make jokes."

Schwartz said she's not sure what all the birthday fanfare is about and jokingly said that she just wants to "live out the day."

Schwartz was born in 1911 in Brooklyn, New York. She moved to South Florida more than four decades ago with her late husband.

She said she's lived a full life and is most proud of having children.

Schwartz's children are proud of her, too.

They visit her as often as they can at the Preserve at Palm Aire in Pompano Beach, where she's been a resident for the past 15 years.

They are thankful that their mother is healthy and keep fond memories close to their hearts.

"She was always there for us when I needed her," Schwartz's daughter, Stacey Finkelstein, said. 

When asked about her secret to staying young, Schwartz keeps it simple. 

"I put my makeup on, nothing important," she said. "I don't get, what do you call those, facelifts? Why should I waste my money?"

But in all seriousness, Schwartz said she is grateful for the life she has lived.

"Who knows from one day to another how long you're going to last. Whatever it is, you thank God, and that is it," she said. 

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