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Husband gives wife Amazon box shaped birthday cake, because it's her favorite thing

NORTH CAROLINA – A doting husband wanted to give his wife something that reminded her of the thing she loves the most.

No, not him. Although we're sure she's madly in love.

Instead, Emily McGuire's husband Waylon got her a birthday cake shaped like an Amazon delivery box.

McGuire told CafeMom she gets "giddy" over the mutliple Amazon deliveries she receives weekly, so you know it's true love.

Waylon specially ordered the cake from Sweet Dreams Bakery in North Carolina, and had it shipped (not via Amazon) to surprise his photographer wife.

"In that moment, I knew my husband 'gets me,'" McGuire told CafeMom.

The cake was the mirror image of an Amazon box, complete with shipping label and packing tape. But the chocolate inside made it more delicious than any other delivery.

McGuire, who runs Emily McGuire Photography, posted photos of the cake to Facebook where it became a viral sensation.

"Next year is going to be hard to top!!" she told Local 10.