Guest Mom Moment: A new reality

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Jen and Local 10 encourages all moms and dads who have stories about the trials and tribulations of being a working parent to share their tales with us on this blog. Submit all your entries to Jen and we'll post them ASAP.

Local 10's Futures Planner Kerry Weston wrote about her own "Mom Moment."

A defining day care moment occurred to me at home when my then 3-year-old came clopping into the kitchen one Saturday morning in a pair of my heels, a string of beads around her neck and pushing her toy stroller with her doll inside. 

She pushes the stroller at me and says, "Here mommy, you play the daycare lady and you take care of my baby while I'm at work."  She gave me some care instructions and then turned around and clopped confidently out of the kitchen and down the hallway.  She was on her way to work somewhere.    

My heart sank as she disappeared thinking that this is my daughter's reality.  She does not know how to play house as I did growing up for hours and hours.   

But she soon came back with that confident air of a working woman, I suppose, and asked me how her baby behaved and if there were any problems.  I made up a few things to keep the 'play' going and she clopped out of the kitchen pushing the baby home.   She was happy with our little game.   

Oh, the guilt we carry, but now she doesn't even remember those times.  She is now a 19-year-old college student working on her own career with all the confidence of that 3-year-old in the kitchen. 

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