Jen's Mom Moment: Be my valentine?

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I went Valentine's Day shopping with a good friend yesterday. Nothing like waiting until the mast minute! 

We went our own ways in the store and met back up at the register. 

She got her son a tiny little box of chocolates. 

I got in line behind her with a pair of super sparkly sandals for each of my girls, and Dora socks for each. I purposely stayed away from the candy!

My girlfriend and I were eyeing each other's purchases (the way only good friends can) and we both thought the other was the better mom.

She was super cool for buying her kid candy. And she thought I was great for not. 

Fast forward to this morning…not 7 AM yet…and my 4-year-old wakes up… 

This is me: "Good morning, Happy Valentine's day, do you want your present?" She nodded still half asleep.  So I sat her at the counter to show her the cool shoes and socks.

Well, let's just say she was looking for something else….the candy!

Love wasn't exactly "in the air" at my house this morning! 

I came to work only to find out that my friend's son was not only THRILLED about his present, he even got to eat 2 chocolates before school. She was the best mom ever! 

Why didn't I just get them candy?


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