Jen's Mom Moment: Being thankful

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Monday mornings are always tough. This one I'm exceptionally sluggish.

It was a busy weekend. I emceed two different events on Saturday… The Walk Now for Autism and Weston Relay for Life.

When I think back on my weekend, sure I'm tired, but I have NOTHING to complain about!

I often blog about rough moments with my girls. But I am so blessed that they are healthy. They do not have special needs. I can put their clothes on their beds and they can dress themselves and put on their own shoes and socks. They can play with their Barbie's for hours while I get chores done.

Sure they have tantrums, but not none that I can't quickly get under control. Or avoid with a quick bargain or even bribe (not proud of that).

The families who I had the pleasure of meeting at both events go through so much and on a daily basis. Their lives are forever changed based on illness or having a special needs child.

It was a great reminder of how much I sometimes take for granted.

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