Jen's Mom Moment: Britney, one more time

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I know I'm going to be judged harshly for this one… but I enjoyed the moment!

On our way to school this morning the radio was on and it was a Taylor Swift song. I asked my daughter, "Oh, guess who this is?" And she guessed correctly, "Taylor!" She then asked me to put on the other Taylor song... and I had no idea what she was talking about.

So she started singing, "I can't take it, take it anymore…"

And I started laughing and said "Oh, the Britney song!"

Yes… I was talking about Britney Spears. And I will admit I have 2 Britney CD's currently in my disc changer (her last 2 CD's). And I'll admit, I was excited when she asked for the music. So we jammed out to Britney on the way to school. She knows most of the words, but thankfully not the context in which they are used in that song.

I know Britney Spears has been a bit of a head case in recent years, and not necessarily a great role model for a little girl. But Britney was huge when I was in high school and college. Her music brings back lots of memories. And as cheesy as it sounds it was kind of cool that my kid was enjoying her music too!

She asked me what Britney looked like and I told her I would find a picture on my phone when we got to school.

So once we parked in I quickly googled Britney images.

Well… most of them were a bit too much for my 4-year-old… so I showed her one of the original pictures of Ms. Spears. You know the one when her hair was still brown, she had bangs and actually had clothes on.

I loved sharing the memories of music with my girl…but that's about all when it comes to Britney.

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