Jen's Mom Moment: Ditching the diapers

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My baby is potty trained!

Today I'm saying it's official…despite the wet mess in her car seat this afternoon. (I took a little too long "running" into Macy's for new lipstick and eyeliner.)

Before today though we've been on a "dry" streak for a week.

I'm so convinced she's ready that I ALMOST put her changing table in the garage last night. Almost.

I was staring at it, and my 4 year-old asked me, "Mommy are you going to put that table out there with the crib and swing?" Because in our house that's where all the baby stuff goes.

The real baby stuff. The crib, the high chair, the swing, the bouncy chair. They are all out in the garage. Even the old infant clothes that no longer fit the girls.

The baby stuff makes my husband crazy. And I admit it does take up a whole lot of space.

The unused diapers I can give to my sister for my nephew. Trust me, I have no problems handing those over.

I am over changing diapers. I've done it for 4 years straight! My oldest was only 20 months when her sister was born.

But if I move the changing table out to the garage, then it's official. There will be no more "baby" stuff in my house. That's the last of it.

I know my 2-year-old is ready to get rid of it, but am I?

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