Jen's Mom Moment: Fan of the van

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A friend of mine was in a pinch this weekend and needed a quick ride for her and her two young boys… I was immediately reminded why I drive a minivan.

Now, let me be honest. I was that person who said, "I will never drive a minivan." I hated them. They were ugly. I thought only stay-at-home moms drove minivans, and I was way too cool for that.

Never say never.

It all changed the first time I went to Publix with my then-1-year-old and her newborn sister. I had a small SUV back then. I was done shopping. My infant daughter was in the Baby Bjorn, my 1-year-old was in my arms -- I needed the space in the front of the cart for groceries -- and I was pushing the cart out to the parking lot with one hand.

The first mission: Finding my keys

The second mission: Juggling kids and carts to open the trunk.

The third mission: Trying to fit a ton of groceries in the trunk completely taken up by my brand-new double stroller.

So… I decided I would just throw the groceries in the back seat…wrong!

There were now two car seats taking up the whole bench.

I somehow managed to squeeze all the food in between the car seats, kids and stroller.

In that moment it became clear… I needed a bigger vehicle, but a minivan wasn't even on my radar.

But… a few weeks later, I test-drove one, and I loved it! There are so many cup holders and storage places!!! And the doors open automatically!

Never say never!

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