Jen's Mom Moment: Fitting in

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It's starting already! 

I was doing my daughter's hair this morning before school and I decided to mix it up with a little "half up, half down, side pony tail." (a la Cyndi Lauper)

She got so excited when she looked in the mirror because she said that her hair looked like another girl's hair from her class.

I was just getting creative, and she was happy! 

Then when we went to put her shoes on (it was boots this morning since it was chilly outside), she looked down at them and said, "Mommy, I want boots with sparkles on them, that's what the other girls have in my class."

Seriously? Already?

Do little boys do this or is it just the girls?

It's like teenagers who try to fit in once they get to high school…but this is pre-school!


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