Jen's Mom Moment: 'Me time' is our time

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Any morning that my schedule allows it… the alarm goes off at 5 a.m. and I jump out of bed!

And I mean jump!

If I'm getting up that early it means I get to go workout. I know that may seem insane to some people… and yes, more sleep would probably do me well… but going and doing something for ME for just one hour is a rare opportunity.

Part of what makes going to the gym so motivating are the people who I see once I get there.

One by one we stumble in.

I always have my coffee mug in hand. Some of us not matching because we got dressed in the dark so we don't disturb the family. It tends to be the same crowd that early.

This morning was interesting because it was all moms… all working moms… trying to get a quick workout in before the rest of the house wakes up!

We train hard. We sweat and we laugh. That one hour is ours and we give it all we've got.

But then it's funny because as SOON as the workout is over, as soon as we're done being tortured, we sprint out of there so fast. If we're lucky, our kids are still sleeping when we creep back home, and we don't miss a moment of the short time we get with them before heading back out the door to work.

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